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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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class prophecies

Our class prophecies from 1997.

Doreen Bresnahan-Noble: "I will be attending the Fall semester at Orange County Community College. There I will receive my Associates Degree in Early Childhood. I hope to travel and one day get married and start a family."

Christopher Brown: "My future plans are to enroll in college, get married, eventually work in a Culinary trade, have a good life, be happy, then die a millionaire."

Jennifer Brue-Palmatier: "After high school I plan on going to college at Orange County Community College into the Nursing program."

Arthur Bullock: "My plans are to go up to Suny Morrisville and major in Residential Construction for two years. After school is all finished, find work and go on with Carpentry or housing. Maybe I'll build my own home. On the side, for fun, I'll try and continue with Ice Hockey."

Kristina Bunce-Sholes: "I will be attending Orange County Community College in the Fall of '97. I will receive an Associates Degree in Nursing. After I graduate, I hope to find a good job and eventually get married."

Jeffrey Burke: "My future plans are to win the lottery and not work another day in my life. Yeah right. Actually I hope to get a good job and retire at 30."

Seth Cabe: "I will attend Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, become a Mechanical Engineer, and produce electric vehicles for the masses. I will then promptly forget who I am, lose all of my stuff, and have to start all over again."

Christopher Chung: "My future plans are to have fun."

Jennifer Cimorelli-Burns: "My future plans are to receive my Pharmacy License after college. I'll count pills alongside Ing at Thruway. When not filling scripts I'll grab the NikonF3 that Frink sold me (sure!), saddle up my Harley, marry an older man, and photograph anything that'll stand still long enough with Malcolm and Jessica in the side car."

Brad Coleman: "My future plans are to go to college, get a Degree, live in a big house with my wife and kids. I will be rich and make my financial decisions with the Cellular Phone in my pocket on a Golf Course somewhere."

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