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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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We, the Class of 1997, being of sound mind (?) and body (?), do hereby leave the following:

Mahria Acevedo-Reda: "To the two Katie's and Doreeen - the three that have been there for me with anything I have needed - and to Joe - all my love and all my hope for the future."

Rachel Adelstein: "To Amy B. - B-ball games, mountains and malls - it's been great! I love ya lots kiddo. Marissa M. - paintbrushes and fun. How did I get so lucky? Alycia C. - "malheureusement", madame, senor, shopping and credit cards. FUN! FUN! FUN! Sarah D. - pole dancing, frisbee, slayer, you were the one talking! Thanks for the fun everyone! "

Beth Alwell-Grillo: "Angel - the Tower of Terror; Jillian and Angel - the Haunted House; Jeff, Ryan and Ryan - the alien."

Arthur Alzamora: "Joe - pool table; Casey - dog; Annable - money; Jeff - diploma; Frenchy - Dave; Angela - gym; Coleman and Collins - love; Erin - Brian; Beth - fun; Davis - door; Amanda - Amy; Cheryl - parties; Andrew - cough; McKay - Cheryl; Scott - SuperBowl; McNally - Board Education; Missy - Artwork; Tom - math, Ed.; Darin - computer; Chris - jokes; Bill - the ladies."

Heath Amodio: "My basketball to Snakes; My tape collection to Randy; Shout outs to T-Dawg, Big E. Smith, Mexicano, Rocky, Sugerfree, Jr. Bones, Chris K., Little Tee, Cans, T-Dawg, Rat, my parents, Ed, 2-pac, The finest class of girls to ever leave V.C. "Class of 97" representation! and when I reach that basketball heaven, I got next!"

David Annable: "Casey - stuffed dogs; Fallon - autographed picture of Rod; Art - lollipops, frisbee, speedos; Delia - my flirting; Amthor - soap; Darin, Collins, Amthor, Scottie - Hoe Bowl memories; McKay - tennis balls; Pat - my brain; Coleman - BBQ sauce; Danny - shrimp; Coralie - centimeter; Trish - my love handles."

Kenneth Barringer: "I leave to the football team all the luck in the world; wrestling - the confidence that we're the best; my friends left back here - good luck getting out but enjoy these times; and to my teachers - thanks; and to Erin - I leave you a ton of love."

Jennett Bissinger: "Miggie - 1995 yearbook, friendship, memories; Megan - shrub, my shorthand skills; Lance - Florida memories; Angel Baby - Florida memories; Collins - 6th grade; Netter - glove warmer; Softball team - my skills; Cherie - love, happiness, friendship; LoFrese - elementary years; Davis - math answers; Buggie - my '84 hot rod; Jimmy - years to come."

Amy Bloomer-Noble: "Rachel - I leave you lunch at the Ground Round and all our long talks about absolutely nothing; Marissa - I leave you a trip to the club, Pennsylvania, and sleepovers; To the both of you - I leave an undying friendship. If it wasn't for you guys, school wouldn't have been fun."

Amanda Boccard-Clark: "Marissa - license, my homecoming date; Michelle - soccer, Jersey, Driver's Ed., Ireland; Paul - my house, Skittles; Cheryl - Kutztown, unknown boyfriends, Fruitloops, paintbrush, sausage; Angela - Montgomery Day, money, free ride; Erin - ice pack, Ireland; Emily - Tam's Lake, ski trips; Amy - photo albums full of memories; John - math homework; Family - my love, laughter; Good luck everyone!"

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