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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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Brad Coleman

Yearbook photo Yearbook Photo
Current location Leesburg, VA
Marital status Single
Number of children None
Occupation Sales
Email address Send me a message
My Will Collins - Ghetto cruiser; McKay - cheese and blanket; Annable - cup and bell; Kelly - wintery night with Stuart; Paco - church; Uszenski - BBQ sauce; Lippincott - Scott; Terris - fun in Pocono's; Osterhout - Amaretto; Alzamora - white Mike; Simione water; Kyle - zippo; Pettine - cards; Pavich - Aspen; Frisbie - chocolate chips; Kunkel - hearing aids.
My Prophecy My future plans are to go to college, get a Degree, live in a big house with my wife and kids. I will be rich and make my financial decisions with the Cellular Phone in my pocket on a Golf Course somewhere.

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