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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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class prophecies

Our class prophecies from 1997.

Mahria Acevedo-Reda: "My future plans are to go to SUNY New Paltz and get my Bachelor's in Science for Musical Therapy and to work with children who are handicapped in some way or another."

Rachel Adelstein: "My future plans are to marry a rich and famous man, have two children and hire a maid to clean my mansion. We will grow old together and live happily ever after."

Arthur Alzamora: "Hopefully when I graduate, I will hopefully go on to college and then graduate there. I hope at my twenty-year reunion that I make more money than everyone else. I hope some woman will marry me and bear my children. Maybe on my tombstone I will have my name."

Heath Amodio: "I'm gonna live my live how I wanna and die when I say it's time! I'm gonna be buried next to 2-pac."

David Annable: "I am going to be on television or the big screen with Jenny M. Oh well, maybe her daughter or something."

Kenneth Barringer: "I plan to be happy and wealthy. I'll have a great job paying six digits yearly, live in a gorgeous house with a beautiful lawn and garden, have an equally successful wife, loving family, and close friends to be with. I'll enjoy all aspects of live and have no worries."

Jennett Bissinger: "I plan to graduate from some college in 4 or so years, teach all the youngsters in the area, and hopefully one day own my own diner. I'll have about 4 to 6 children and live a happy, wealthy life here in New York State. Maybe even be President one day!"

Amy Bloomer-Noble: "My future plans are to attend college and get a degree in Business Administration. After I receive my degree, I plan to be a successful businesswoman. I plan on getting married and having children. I also plan on traveling around the country with my family."

Amanda Boccard-Clark: "I plan on studying Biology at some college. I will become a soccer star for my school's team. I will then take over V.C.'s soccer team with Michelle. Everyone will make our team. Afterwards I'll marry somebody rich so I'll never have to work again."

Christopher Borman: "My future plans are to punk out and go crazy, hit the shows and ride a skate with Tex. Punk is life and "We're gonna have a TV party tonight!" I hope to remain just a "Minor Threat" and be "Punk in Drublic"."

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