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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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We, the Class of 1997, being of sound mind (?) and body (?), do hereby leave the following:

Christopher Borman: "My punk/ska collection to Anthony; my bike to be buried with me; skate stuff to "Tex"; Bike magazines to Shaun; video games to SXE Ian; my room to Geggy; Chains to Eriska."

Lauren Boyd: "To Theresa - my glasses, superior pool skills, taco bell card, pink pen and especially my love; To Betsy - e-mail, my perfume, my driving adventures, and my love; To Aurelie - tacos, M&M's, milk, and my love and thanks; To Shirley - the back right seat in the driver's ed car."

Doreen Bresnahan-Noble: "Amy and Rachael - lawnmowers and laughs; Sandra and Jason - all the worlds' lightsabers; Dan - unconfusion; Adrienne - all the veal you can eat; Kat - Leonardo; Chris F. - public hellos; Chris K. - a heart attack; Katie - french fries and jelly; Kristina - bashing, laughing, crying, freaking, asking, answering, fun, and the list goes on; Jeff - all my love."

Christopher Brown: "Liz - Thank you for being such a good friend and giving me a chance to prove myself; Holly - thanks for the late night talks and your trust; G-man - thanks for the late mght talks and hstemng to me when nobody else would, Glen T - I leave my car, To my other friends - thanks for all the great times."

Jennifer Brue-Palmatier: "To my boyfriend Rusty Erickson - I leave my heart and "playing football" memories; To Carlie Edwards - I leave my memory of the drive on Corbett Road and guidance office memories; To Deanna Edwards - the memory of chasing each other with "the shirt"; To Rizza - the lunch table memories as freshman."

Michael Buckley: "Tom - Thumb and soccer; Colleen - my heart; Jason - good old days boxing; Becky - my abbs; Mr. Q - my plane ticket; Jessica Dobens - 1993?!; French - a job; Katie - pumas; Beth - a job for a job!; Joe - champions; Lauren - my legs!; Ken - brick wall and two front teeth; Al - good old days; Jason - champions. "

Arthur Bullock: "Ampthor - "What the heck?"; Tom Tsigrelis - hockey stick; Darn Smith - Want my autograph?; Dave Annable - Where is my tape?; Jim Robertson - Whopper with cheese please!; Amy Devitt - computer disk; Amanda Boccard - trident gum; Cheyrl Griffin - buy your own; Angel Santana - super size it; Santiago - What's up man?; Scott Uzenski - Redwings."

Kristina Bunce-Sholes: "Jennie Anne - our former obsessions, stay sweet; Erin - McDonalds and great times; Katie - good memories; Chris C. - my friendship, good choice; Maureen - Don't you love pickles?; Kelly - see you at Shoprite; Doreen - laughter, candles, J&J, you're my best friend; Mom - love, happiness, my strength; John - my forever love and our future!."

Jeffrey Burke: "Smithers - you get blueface, Good luck, you'll need it; Aaron - don't get stuck in your computer; Pino - good luck beating 5:15; Redneck - stop being such an idiot, moron; Excuse me sirs swim team."

Seth Cabe: "Regrettably nothing, as I am sure that I will have lost absolutely everything by the time I hit thirty."

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