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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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Amanda Warnke

Yearbook photo Yearbook Photo
Current location Norcross, GA
Marital status In A Relationship
Number of children None
Occupation Manager
Email address Send me a message
My Will Kayl Monkey - lonely nights, our friends, parties, diner talks; llib; Jess - prom, parties, no; Maryanne - tent night; Rt. 208; Alisha - funny list; oonda; Stephanie - timecapsule, 9th grade party; Jaime - Yimmy, Newburgh movies; Erin - clothes; Jen - our friendship; girls - don't ever forget the good and bad times! I love you all!
My Prophecy I plan to become an interior designer and design my mansion. I will marry a rich, handsome, husband and shop everyday. I will have everything I want and need, and will die a happy woman.

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