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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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Thomas Tsigrelis

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Voted Friendliest
Current location Hoboken, NJ
Marital status Single
Number of children None
Occupation Auditor/Accountant
Email address Send me a message
My Will I will leave my collection of ripped shoelaces from Casey Roden's sneakers to Art Alzamora; To Jim Robertson and Brian Amthor - my signed copy of the Feast of the Three Kings picture; To Carla Monaco - I will leave my tie, the famous salt shaker, and my stuffed lion from Seaside.
My Prophecy When I get out of school I will become a professional authentic Greek cook who will make all the Greek pastries including Baklava for Casey. I will also make Gyros and especially for Casey, Spanekopita. Then I will be rich after selling my recipes.

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