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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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Amelia Stoudnour

Update needed! Do you still keep in touch with Amelia? If so, please spread the word about our web site. We are in need of a current mailing address.
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My Will To Kimberly - I leave my nuttyness, may she never have enough! Kylee - you my sweet need nothing, life is a gift, cherish it; Bobby and Amanda - I leave you both my hope that true love lasts forever; Roth - My talkativeness, I tip my hat to Chesh, Rave on!
My Prophecy My future plans are to never grow up, get through college and to find a fun, high paying job, to party till the break of dawn (literally). I also hope to expand my knowledge by traveling to places not discovered yet and to always keep in touch with my family and friends.

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