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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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Daniel Kelly

Yearbook photo Yearbook Photo
Title Class Vice President
Voted Most Popular
Current location Wallkill, NY
Marital status Married
Number of children 1
Email address Send me a message
My Will Stewart - Tiempo; Scott - bridge; McKay - - stomach; Roden - shrimps; Paco - window; Art - gallon; Colman - card table; Collins - lake; Tom - lock; Darin - tongue; Dempsey - homework; Robertson - Mount; Davis - Joe; Joe - tolerance; Missy - sink; Frenchy - bananas in Economics; Jay - meow; Dave - Jenny; Chris - Sam's lunchtable food fights; Karen - 8th period key chains; Ally - Secret Garden.
My Prophecy If I graduate high school, I plan on graduating from the Mount. I will be a successful Talk Soup Host which will launch my career in the broadcasting industry. I will be married with children and living in a quiet little town in Scranton, Pennsylvania and I'll own Valley Central.

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