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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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Marisa Raimondi

Update needed! Do you still keep in touch with Marisa? If so, please spread the word about our web site. We are in need of a current mailing address.
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My Will To Amy - black patent leather shoes and captain arm band; Cheryl - sharp turns and rock walls; Emilia - "I love you!"; Amanda - my soccer cleats and "the couch"; Casey - a brochure of Walden; Paul - Amy's couch and the remote control; Erin - the blender, Scott, you are every woman!
My Prophecy I plan on studying in college and graduating into a profession where my name will be followed by two or three letters, possibly P.C., M.D., or C.P.A. I guess I will probably get married eventually and hope to live outside New York.

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