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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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Vincent Pettine

Yearbook photo Yearbook Photo
Current location Goshen, NY
Marital status Single
Number of children None
Occupation Teacher
Email address Send me a message
My Will Danielle - love ya, remember Marissa's; Todd - city rides, phone noises; Chris - Brass monkey speakers, Erica's (ouch!); Alisha - Trampolene, outgrew; Sammy - Ozcar, Modena; Matt - Laurence; Pavich - New arm; Shaunna - maybe you did!; Stephanie - paste; Siobhan - pictures; Brad - pool; Shelly and Tara; O'banks - Shoprite; Andrew - Deez; Rich - cat brass monkey - believe - greatest weekend; Sorry if I forgot anyone.
My Prophecy My future plans are to go to Oneonta, with no idea what I want to major in or do when I graduate. I will go there for ten years, major in everything from Custodial Engineering to beginner Golf. Then finally when I leave, having spent more days there then some professors, I will win $1,000 a week for life, and use it to pay off student loans the rest of my life.

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