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Valley Central High School Class of 1997

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lost and found

We are missing address information for the following classmates. If you know anyone on this list, please send them to the web site to update their information.

David Ackerson
David Annable
Ryan Aquilone
Kenneth Barringer
Andrew Blasky
Lauren Boyd
Thomas Boyd
James Brady
Michael Buckley
Matthew Casper
Dunia Castro
Christopher Chung
Joseph Cichocki
James Cobey
Minela Colon
Edward Connors
Kristy Connors
Trinette Cossa
Thomas Cummings
Christopher DiDonato
Philipp Diefenbach
Tyler Edwards
Chris Evans
Christopher Felizzi
Jennifer Fischer
James Frisbie
John Galietta
Kimberly Gesner
David Grunwald
Kimberly Gryzwaczewski
Theodore Haible
Faheem Haider
Allison Horan
Shaun Jellema
Jason Keene
Jill Kelly
Tara Kelly
Thomas Kunkel
Sandra Kurjatschij
Alexis LaSalmonie
Elizabeth Lemond
Christopher Lospalluto
Corinne Luedemann
Michael Lynch
Elizabeth McCombs
David Meester
Joseph Miggins
Peter Mullen
Christina North
Brian O'Banks
Dennis O'Dell
Christopher Oakes
Carmela Ocana
Javier Ocasio
Richard Pavich
Adrianne Penney
Santiago Piedrahita
Andrew Provenzano
Marisa Raimondi
Dermot Reddan
James Robertson
Craig Rose
Michelle Stevens
Amelia Stoudnour
Juliana Suicero
Kathleen Terwilliger
Michael Teutul
Marietta Trimble
Glen Trinka
Diana Trocano
Emma Voegelin
Craig Weiner
Mark Wilkinson
Amy Williams

Random prophecy: "A person once told me "There is always light at the end of the tunnel". Over the years I have taken the initiative to walk towards that light. Using ambition to go beyond it, I will succeed. My endeavor is to teach others as well as I have been taught." --Sharga Watson-Frey

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